The Nature of Geo Tourism and Its Related Industries

Tourism involves people who travel for business or leisure purposes. It is the source of a lot of jobs in many countries worldwide. In fact, a lot of these countries derive a substantial amount of revenues from tourism and the industries or establishments that are related with it. Tourism service industries are gaining high profits thereby improving the country’s economy. These industries include transportation through land, air, and sea as well as entertainment and hospitality services including hotels, inns, resorts, malls, and parks.

There are different kinds of tourism and one of those which are rapidly gaining popularity in many countries worldwide is called geo tourism. This is a classification of tourism where the emphasis is on naturally formed spots or geologic sites. The nature and history of these formations are made as an integral part of the tourist’s experience in the said area. The landscape, plants, forests, and animals that are in the natural habitat are also promoted to tourists. In addition, the significance of implementing measures that protect the natural environment is emphasized not only to the tourists but most especially to the locals.

Geo tourism works similarly to ecotourism. Both of these tourism approaches emphasize the beauty of the place’s natural resources. The main difference is that geo tourism also seeks to explain how these formations came into existence apart from highlighting their aesthetic value. Not only do tourists enjoy the natural scenery but they also take away with them the knowledge about how these natural wonders were created. This kind of approach to tourism caters to the needs of tourists who have a special interest and who want to enjoy nature as it is. These people are aptly called geo tourists.

There are several features which characterize geo tourism and one of the most important ones is that it does not have to necessarily involve virgin scenic spots. Geo tourism can promote existing sceneries such as established natural parks or forest so long as the nature of the place is interestingly explained by an experienced and well informed tour guide. This approach will help minimize the disturbance in highly susceptible environments such as forests that hold endangered species of animals and even plants.

A lot of countries and tourist destinations are now implementing the concepts of geo tourism. This is because they have an innate respect for the existing ecology. In fact, companies and business are also supporting geo tourist activities. One notable example of this is the Hooked On Phonics company have recently begun a scheme whereby if you book a holiday through one of a selected group of geo tourism travel agencies, you can qualify for a special discount off their range of product. If you are interested in this opportunity then take a look at these hooked on phonics reviews for more information about how to qualify and claim this offer.

Many countries and corporations alike, are also placing great importance on being responsible for the care of the natural environment. This is done concurrently with the promotion of tourism industries and the local economy. Geo tourists also are also encouraged to become more active partners in environmental protection measures. Because of this, the ones who benefit from geo tourism are not only the tourists or the local economy but most especially the environment. The heritage of a certain place and the culture of the people who live in it will also be preserved. Despite the good things that can be gained from this tourism strategy, there will be no such improvements if the both local citizens and geo tourists do not have the necessary discipline to follow through on geo tourism principles.

General Principles behind the Geo Tourism Charter

Geo tourism works by enhancing a certain place’s culture and history as well as the condition of the environment. It also values the welfare of those who live in the said area. It is considered to be an even better concept than sustainable tourism or ecotourism. With geo tourism, everything that is part of a certain place is taken cared of as a whole. All revenues derived from tourism are utilized to maintain and improve everything that is a part of that place. The people are also taught how they can best contribute to the well-being of their community.

There are 13 principles which have been formulated to support the goals of this tourism approach. These cover the enhancement of the physical environment, the people and their way of life.

1. Integrity of Place

Improve the nature of a place with consideration on its people’s way of life and the environment. This is done in order to keep a place’s identity and to foster a sense of pride among the locals.

2. International Codes

Follow the recommendations of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism as well those from the Cultural Tourism Charter.

3. Market Selectivity

Promote the positive attributes of the local industry by putting up catchy advertisements. It also involves the identification of industries that merit the most amount of promotion.

4. Market Diversity

Provide adequate support to local businesses especially those that cater to the needs of tourists such as food establishments and accommodations. This will serve to increase the inflow of tourists and thus enhance revenues of the locality.

5. Tourist Satisfaction

Aim to provide visitors the most positive and most enjoyable experience. Their positive accounts about the place will serve as advertisements that will entice other tourists to visit.

6. Community Involvement

Take advantage of the resources that are readily available in the locality and promote the creation of partnerships between local business establishments and social organizations. This will greatly strengthen the tourism in the area.

7. Community Benefit

Improve the quality of life in the area by striving to find solutions to poverty. Growth of small businesses are fostered particularly those that cater to the needs of tourists.

8. Protection and Enhancement of Destination Appeal

Restrict the number of tourists to a quantity that will not overwhelm the environment. Business establishments should not be destructive to the natural environment and should be patterned according to the local people’s way of life.

9. Land Use

Ensure that degradation of the environment does not occur even with the construction of different businesses such as hotel and resorts. A balance between development and preservation of the environment should be constantly maintained.

10. Conservation of Resources

Diminish the possible effects of pollution. Implement rules and regulations that protect the environment.

11. Planning

Mobilize community resources and allow economic development but remain vigilant in protecting the indigenous population.

12. Interactive Interpretation

Educate both locals and tourists about the value of safeguarding the environment and how they can work together to achieve the same goals.

13. Evaluation

Set up parameters that will gauge the efficacy of the rules and regulations that have been previously set.

Facts about Geo Tourism and What It can Offer

In recent years, global economic conditions have not been generally positive. Economic difficulties were not only isolated to people who reside in third world or developing countries but even those living in highly developed nations have also experienced the wrath of various financial downfalls. Several strategies were put into place by different countries to solve the problems brought about by economic depression. One of these strategies is tourism. It is an undeniable fact that many economies were able to better their status because of strengthening and boosting the tourism industry in their place. Tourism, with carefully thought of plans and satisfactory implementation of principles and regulations, has the capacity of providing a specific country with the revenues that it badly needs.

One of the common approaches to tourism is referred to as geo tourism. It seeks to uphold and develop the geological nature of a specific locality encompassing its natural environment, traditions, visual quality, way of life, and most importantly the welfare of those who reside in a certain locality. It adapts the principle that is also followed by sustainable tourism which is to preserve the natural environment even when they are marketed as tourist destinations. This will help ensure that upcoming generations can still enjoy the environment in the same way that the people are benefiting from it right now. In addition, it utilizes a principle of ecotourism which seeks to generate income from tourism and use whatever has been earned to uphold the preservation of the natural environment as well as the people, flora and fauna that thrive in it.

To further the efforts of those who are trying to implement the principles of geo tourism, different governments from all over the globe have created a common set of guidelines and called this the Geo Tourism Charter. Once the different nations have affixed their signature to this unified approach to tourism, they immediately started on implementing the principles of geo tourism in their own localities so as to attain the goals that have been set. The signatories can then adapt the principles stated in the charter in ways that are appropriate for their own locality. In a nutshell, the Geo Tourism Charter is a means through which different countries can be guided not only in the processes involved with promoting tourist industries but also in the preservation of the locality and its inhabitants.

There are a lot of great that can be obtained from following implanting geo tourism principles. First, it fosters a sense of connection in the members of the community. They will realize that they are an integral part of the success of their place’s success as a tourist destination. In addition, they will also be able to appreciate the worth of their place of residence. Secondly, the local government seeks to provide tourist with a one of a kind, enjoyable, and enriching experience of the geological sites visited. The positive experiences of geo tourists will serve as a means of promoting the place when they go back to their own countries and tell their friends about their travel.

The Advantages that Geo Tourism Has to Offer

For many years, environmentalists have strived to make the general public aware of the importance of preserving the quality of an environment. Most individuals are also aware of the many transgressions that are committed against nature in order to further money making industries. These have caused a massive decline in the well-being of the economy and to those who are living in it. This does not only refer to people alone but to the entire ecology including animals, plants, and other natural structures.

Protecting the environment from exploitation whilst encouraging economic and community development is one of the main reasons behind the formulation of the different approaches to tourism. There are currently three basic approaches and this includes ecotourism, sustainable tourism, and geo tourism.

Geo tourism is otherwise referred to as the knowledge based tourism. It seeks to provide tourists with relevant information on the formation of a place’s geology and geomorphology. This means that geo tourism goes beyond just showing off great sights. It takes things a notch higher by informing tourists of how these wonders came to be. An example of this is a discussion of rock formations and its mineral components or how a cave’s inner structure has been created with features such as stalagmites and stalactites. Apart from these, geo tourism is also involved in encouraging both the local community and the tourists to work together in maintaining the quality of each geological site by following the preservation guidelines that are already in place.

This approach to tourism appeared to be very promising and has lead many governments in implementing geo tourism in their own localities along with corporate support from companies as wide ranging as 3degrees, chanel, no no hair removal, sparkpr and the sierra club. One of the major reasons for this is that geo tourism minimizes the negative effects of tourism such as environmental pollution. Places that implement geo tourism has been a huge advantage for many travellers, called geo tourists, since they are provided with an extremely rich experience that involves an immersion in the culture, heritage, and the natural resource of a certain tourist destination. The visitors do not only serve to improve the economy but also help in preserving the environment. Most geo tourists will patronize business establishments such as resorts, hotels, or restaurants that operate under environment friendly conditions. Tourist satisfaction is also enhanced. This means that when they get back to their place of origin, they will be able to tell their families and friends about how positive their travel experience has been. They will also be able to impart the knowledge that they have obtained from the trip to others. Those who hear of these tales will be encouraged to visit the tourist destination themselves.

Apart from the benefits that geo tourism has for tourists, it is also very beneficial for the local community. Citizens and local business work hand in hand in promoting the value of their place as a tourist destination. They also work together in ensuring that those who visit their locality will have the best time of their lives. Environmental protection also becomes a joint effort.

Top Reasons to Become a Geo Tourist

Visiting places that one has not been to before, seeing and experiencing new things are some of the best activities that one can do in order for one get the most out of his life. More and more people each year are choosing to travel not only to local tourist destinations but also international ones as well. This can only be expected since the notion of travel being able to enrich one’s life is fast becoming very popular. Going green or environmental friendly is also gaining popularity. This does not only relate to a person’s home or day to day activities but even when it comes to travel as well.

Tourism is a good thing but it can also be a source of pollution and environmental ruin if not properly managed or regulated. This has led to the different governments worldwide to formulate a unified set of agreements, guidelines, and principles that will govern tourism practices in countries of these allied organizations. This approach is called geo tourism and the guidelines that aid in its implementation is the Geo Tourism Charter.

Geo tourism operates under the principle of making a tourist destination wherein both local citizens and visitors are able to make the most out of the natural environment and the geological sights that are in it. Those who implement geo tourism seek to be able to create a unique experience for their visitors, one wherein the environment, the community and its traditions as well as its culture come together. Geo tourism involves a knowledge based approach to entertaining visitors. For instance, if visitors are taken to explore a subterranean river, they are not only regaled of the wonders of that scenic spot but also about how it was formed. The special characteristics of a certain locality are highlighted to the visitors in order for them to gain an understanding of what the place and its citizens are really about.

There are many reasons why one should considering becoming a geo tourist which is otherwise referred to as a geo traveler. First and foremost, it aims to preserve the environment and its resources. This means that tourism industries are conducted in such a way that is not harmful to the tourist destination. Geo travelers will also support establishments that make use of green measures to conduct business. Secondly, geo tourism promotes the respect of the local people’s way of life. Part of the unique experience that geo tourists will have is when they learn how to conduct themselves appropriately around locals.

Thirdly, tourist destinations which follow geo tourism principles place importance on being able to provide locals with the best experience possible. This may mean limiting the quantity of visitors who come each time so that as much as possible overcrowding can be avoided. Fourthly, it does not put economic gain over environmental preservation so geo travelers will be sure that the geo sites that they will visit are well maintained. Resources such as water and electricity are also used conscientiously which is something that is taken very seriously by individuals who value environment friendly practices.